Zero Gravity Navigation IVA

PaleBlue VR Zero Gravity International Space Station simulator for research on intravehicular activity (IVA) studies.



Zero Gravity Navigation VR Simulator gives the opportunity to feel how is it to operate in Zero-G conditions, such as being onboard the International Space Station.

A successful IVA requires psychomotor, cognitive, and behavioral skills. Psychomotor skills range from the ability to move inside the spacecraft, move through the spacecraft and pass obstacles. Cognitive skills include navigating inside the spacecraft and identifying science racks and experiments. Behavioral skills include situation and spatial awareness, decision-making and problem-solving, workload management and efficiency, teamwork, and communication.

The high fidelity of environment and physical modeling in VR opens for many possible applications within Human Spaceflight training and beyond. The same simulation training principles have a proven track record in areas such as HSE, familiarization, and industrial operation training.

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1 hour


Level A: Familiarization


Virtual Reality


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