Zero Gravity Navigation EVA



In order to even qualify for a space flight, astronauts need to go through different types of complex training, from centrifuge to gravity offload facilities and Zero G airplanes. This training often requires rare and thus expensive equipment, which is only accessible in a few locations around the world.

VR allows you to conduct practical sessions even for spaceflight-specific activities such as EVA (extravehicular activity also known as spacewalk), and even planetary EVA (also called moonwalk or marswalk).

PaleBlue NASA Neemo VR

Today these and many other complex training activities related to space missions can be accurately simulated with VR.

VR allows people to conduct training sessions in a digital twin of a space station, whether that’s present-day ISS (International Space Station) or the upcoming Lunar Gateway station. It is also possible to plan and prepare for the upcoming 2024 next landing by modeling the landing site and predicted lighting conditions with high accuracy in a VR environment.

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1 hour


Virtual Reality


Level A: Familiarization


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