Worksite Zoning

Part of the Health and Safety VR trainings on the workplace.

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Virtual Reality version of the simulation is an affordable alternative, allowing to manage costs of the simulator installation while maintaining high realism of situations.

PaleBlue’s application guarantees efficient training, allowing your construction team to interactively implement the project in Virtual Reality, before doing so in reality. They can also communicate and work together with the other participants at the training and accomplish all assigned tasks.

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PaleBlue VR Worksite Zoning Training Simulator allows communication between 2 or more players at the same time. All hand gestures are visible instantly among all participants and complex interactions with simulated objects are possible, such as pulling ropes, picking up and moving objects, etc.

With a minimal hardware setup and using industry-grade physics modeling, complete body movements is predicted in 3D and accurate real-world interactions are reproduced across all simulated scenes.


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1 hour


Level A: Familiarization




Virtual Reality


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