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Part of the Health and Safety VR trainings on the workplace.

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Using state-of-the-art gaming technology, we make the HSE training highly interactive and realistic.

While traditional simulators run on high-end PCs and require server racks of computing power, PaleBlue brings HSSEQ simulators to the consumer PC market.

1. Provides real-life health and safety hazards
The major reason why conventional HSE training doesn’t work so well is that they are just done verbally. This means there is no real-life or realistic experience during the training. Simulating HSE training with Virtual Reality can enable employees to get a practical life experience on the potential hazards and safety issues they would likely encounter during their work. This means your employees would be better equipped for the job, and productivity would be greatly enhanced. HSE Training VR has become indispensable for organizations today.

2. Better HSE knowledge retention
Visual HSE training can enable your employees to retain what they learned better. One of the most obvious pitfalls of conventional HSE training is that your employees can easily forget what they learned. However, their memories can be better retained when simulators are used for HSE training. It also enables them to better understand what they are learning.

HSE simulator

3. Quick feedback
Using simulators for HSE training would enable you to get fast and better feedback from the trainees. Feedback would enable you to quickly understand the concerns and needs of your employees and act on them with the right information.

4. Multiple employee training
Using simulators for HSE training can enable the effective training of multiple people at once. Training larger sets of people at once with conventional training systems is not effective.
This is because you may not be able to give proper focus to each of them. However, this is not the case while using simulators for HSE training. You can choose as many people as you want for training.

5. Reduced cost
Using simulators for HSE training can drastically reduce resources, including cost and time. Saving cost is essential for any organization, and most organizations do not want to spend so much on training. Using simulated training is your best option if you want to spend less but achieve more. This is very beneficial, especially for an organization with limited funds. Organizations also face lesser risk with simulated HSC training while achieving a quick training turnaround time.

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Level A: Familiarization


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