Working at Heights

Part of IOGP LIFE-Saving rules training, which specializes in simple life-saving actions individuals can take to prevent a fatal situation while working at heights.

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This VR simulation enables participants to role-play possible dangerous simulations while working at heights.

Such training is based on IOGP Life-Saving Rules and is meant to draw attention to the activities, which are most likely to lead to a fatality and the life-saving actions over which an individual has control.

Galp Life Saving Rules

Working at height outside a protected area (such as an elevated work area not enclosed by handrails) requires the use of approved fall protection equipment secured to an approved anchor point. Other considerations for working at height include ladders, work over water, rope access, floor openings, access hatches, and inspection pits.  Preventing objects from falling from height and using physical barriers below the working area keeps you and people working below you safe.

Working at Heights VR training is educating people on different rules and regulations which should be implemented to minimize risks to employees in their workplace.

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1 hour


Level C: Certification


Virtual Reality




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