Overhead Crane

PaleBlue’s Crane VR Simulators represent the widest range of training solutions available today.

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With swappable controls, one simulator can be used for many types of cranes and crane operator training, onshore and offshore. Flexible customization options mean you can have simulators for any situation and material handling case.

Construction site cranes, including tower and mobile cranes, for all material handling – with VR and Screen options.

Smooth Real-Time Synchronisation

PaleBlue training with lifting simulators uses real-time simulation and visualization to model an operation. These tools put you at the controls of a crane for efficient and correct material handling. The dashboard displays all key elements, from boom angle, load radius, boom length, boom section telescoping and mode, relative hoist speed, region of operation, and a load-moment indicator.

Closest to the Real Experience

Using Virtual Reality, the training centers can instantly identify areas of improvement for operators who might have not otherwise experienced different failures and operation conditions. Hence, VR Overhead Crane Simulator can also be used as an effective recruitment and screening tool.

Tailor Made For Your Need

We build simulators that are designed to train crane and mobile crane operators on material handling, equipment familiarization, and safety awareness.  From portable units and VR systems to large-scale lifting simulators in the world, PaleBlue provides cutting-edge technology built to suit our clients’ needs.

Industrial Physics Simulation

VR Overhead Crane training solution serves as a vital tool in improving workflow, advancing skills, and ensuring effective & safe operations. The simulation engine uses industrial-grade physics modeling for behavior that is one-to-one with reality.

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High Realism

The physical interactions provide a realistic experience with simulated work environments that allows the crane drivers to train for increased safety, improved efficiency, in a risk-free learning environment.




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