Offshore Crane

Offshore crane training, giving VR lifting simulation experience in a specific offshore setting.

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PaleBlue’s Crane and Lifting VR Simulators represent the widest range of training solutions available today. With swappable controls, one simulator can be used for many types of cranes and crane operator training, onshore and offshore. Flexible customization options mean you can have simulators for any situation and material handling case.

VR simulator

Distributed Collaboration

An immersive environment that enables solid teamwork by ensuring collaboration for both contractors and oil companies.

High Realism 

The physical interactions provide a realistic experience with simulated work environments that allows the crane drivers to train for increased safety, improved efficiency, in a risk-free learning environment.

Modern and Effective

PaleBlue is experienced in building highly effective VR Lifting Simulator Training Solutions with customizable content which is far less costly than conventional screen based simulators.

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High Return on Investment

Along with being a ROI, our lifting simulator delivers an unprecedented level of presence for the crane driver training. This means that the crane operator feels like it is in a real crane or truck crane, working at height, dealing with real world situations. Consequently, crane operator training improves considerably while the crane training prices and time costs go down accordingly.


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8 hours


Level C: Certification




Virtual Reality


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