Energy Isolation

Part of IOGP LIFE-Saving rules training, which specializes in simple life-saving actions individuals can take to prevent a fire ignition-related fatality.

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Virtual Reality version of the simulation is an affordable alternative, allowing to manage costs of the simulator installation while maintaining high realism of situations.
Such training is based on IOGP Life-Saving Rules and is meant to draw attention to the activities, which are most likely to lead to a fatality and the life-saving actions over which an individual has control.

Galp Life Saving Rules

Energy isolation separates people from hazards such as electricity, pressure and energized equipment.  Energy isolation also provides protection from potential energy sources, e.g. positioning valves to prevent tanks from filling with materials due to gravity. Any stored energy (e.g., hydraulic or pneumatic power) should also be dissipated before the work starts.

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Even More Reality


4 hours


Virtual Reality


Level C: Certification


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