Dive Control Simulator

A touch panel-based digital diving simulator for training diving supervisors and earn the IMCA diving certification.

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Digitized Control Panels 

The work of diving supervisor is by the dive control panels. Those are the panels to control life parameters of the diving crew, during an underwater operation. The parameters include oxygen, temperature, and pressure, among others.

Dive Control Simulator, PaleBlue

One-to-one Valves, Buttons

System can model traditional and digital control surfaces. Traditional dive control panels feature hardware gauges, meters, and levers – for interaction with touch. More modern ones show computer monitor-based buttons and controls.

Realistic Scenarios

Dive Control Simulator gives simulated scenarios training to diving supervisors, with normal operations, what-ifs and emergency cases covered. This is makes a simulator stand out, compared to training in real operation conditions. It also eases the preparation for the IMCA certification.

Flexible Hardware

No custom hardware is required, as the simulator runs on off-the-shelf hardware components: computers and touch monitors. The system can be provided as a full package including the hardware, or as a software-only system.

Simulator Roles


  • Performs as a diving supervisor
  • Runs operational checklists
  • Follows operation plan
  • Communicates to divers
  • Communicates to vessel teams
  • Responds to introduced situations


  • Oversees training process
  • Directs the training operation
  • Runs communication
  • Initiates what-if scenarios
  • Launches emergencies
  • Triggers panel alarms

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8 hours


Level C: Certification




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